TDI and flipped gearbox conversion parts for 1.9 TDI engine with flipped 012 Gearbox

Fitting parts for gearbox only

Adaptor plate for 50 degrees engine install, also available to suit 20 degree install (standard car orientation)£150
Drive shaft adaptor/spacers to suit the standard bus CV joints and the 130mm TDI output flanges (price per pair)£190
Gearbox front mount£80
Gearbox breather reducing sleeve for banjo fitting£20

Cable gear change kit

This is made up of many parts, all of which are available separately

Cables, universal cab unit and threaded gear lever£400
Cab Pedestal to mount universal cab unit (either Turbo diesel cab floor or non turbo diesel / petrol cab floor)£80

AFN (110 hp) Engine Install parts

Steel engine mount for non turbo side of engine. AFN Audi A4/ Passat (B5)£125
Turbo adaptor kit. Reuse your complete and unmodified1.6TD exhaust with your AFN or Golf 1Z /AHU turbo£110
Manifold to turbo adaptor only£50
EGR blanking plate for inlet manifold£5
Inter-cooler scoop kit (now galvanised)£125
Throttle potentiometer mounting bracket and lever arm (engine mounted)£50
MAF Bracket (air flow meter)£35
Air filter (cone type)£25
Engine wiring loom (Plug and play loom, built from your donor engine looms)£400
Sump oil filler tube blanking plate for JX sump£5


You need to remove 15mm from the front face of the bell housing to allow for the thickness of the adaptor plate. Doing this will allow the use of the duel mass flywheel, clutch and starter motor from your donor car. I offer a machining service for £120

By the flipping the gearbox, the drive shaft out-put flanges will now be higher compared to their original un-flipped position which causes excessive constant velocity (CV) joint angle. To remedy this you will need to lower the engine in its mounts by drilling new holes in the steel engine cradle mounts. 40mm lower and 10mm further forward.

Please contact us for further details.