Renault UN1 Gearbox Kit

These CNC machined parts are designed to allow the use of the Renault UN1 gearbox in your Volkswagen T3/T25.

The Renault UN1 gearbox in known for its strengths and has been used by builders of V8 powered kit cars for years. With some modification to your van, it is now possible to use this adaptor plate to mount the 4 cylinder diesel Volkswagen Transporter specific bell housings to the Renault gear box. This gives a very cost effective alternative to the use of other gear box upgrades. It is also possible to use either the standard transporter input shaft or the aftermarket TDI specific input shaft (designed for the standard Transporter gearbox). The UN1 transaxle has been fitted to many vehicles in the Renault range, with both front and rear engine designs. No problem if the gear box you source is from a front engine vehicle as the differential can be flipped over to the other side making it suitable for a rear engine set up.

Adapter plate - £250

Plate on machining table Plate fitted to gearbox