Wheel Fitting Studs, Nuts and Bolts

When fitting non-standard wheels and spacers to your Volkswagen you will probobly need to use longer bolts or studs. You might also need to change the type of bolt or nut to suit the profile of the wheels (radius or cone).

All threads are M14 x 1.5 unless otherwise stated.


Press in stud
TypeLength (mm)Thread protruding (mm)Price
Screw in8065£2.50
Press in7060£3.00

Note: Standard front hub needs screw in studs, and rear needs press in studs.

Nuts and bolts

Wheel nut
TypeLength (mm)Price
Bolt - Radius28£1.30
Bolt - Cone (60°)28£1.30
Bolt - Small radius60£2.40
Open ended nut - Radius£1.45
Open ended nut - Cone (60°)£1.45
Closed ended nut - Small radius£1.45

Locking Nuts and bolts

TypeLength (mm)Price
Bolt - Radius28£15.00
Bolt - Cone28£15.00
Nut - RadiusPOA
Nut - ConePOA